Hire Pit Boxes & Cabins


At Scandinavian Raceway we have a number of Pit Boxes of various sizes in the paddock building and on the right side of the road to the paddock there are a number of Camping Cabins that can be hired in connection with activities at the circuit. It is also possible to set up a tent in the same area.

Booking of the Pit Boxes and cabins takes place via the tickster ticketing system and links are available at each event in the calendar. During race-weekends the cabins are used by ARC for the marshals.

Pit Boxes

The various options available are,

  • Box with double door (19), (door to paddock and pit lane)
  • Box with single door (2) (door only against pit lane)
  • Box with single door, half size (2), (door only against pit lane 6x6m)

The boxes are 12m x 5m in size, containing compressed air, electrical connections 240VAC/10A and 400VAC/16A.

The double-door boxes also contains toilet and a sink.


In the area there are 12 cabins for hire,

10, 2-bed cottages (no.1-10)
2, 4-bed cottages (no.11-12)
The cabins have beds (bunk beds in the 4-bed cottages), quilts, pillows, table, chair and a heating element.


There are room for about 20 campervans/caravans during race weekends and significantly more at non-public events. Electrical connection is also available at the location. Contact us for more information.

Camping with tents

Please contact any of the staff if you want to camp with a tent.

Toilets, showers and washing room are located in the paddock about 150m from the cabins.

Cabin Map!