About Anderstorp Racing Club

Anderstorp Racing Club (ARC) was formed in 1966 by Sven Smokey Åsberg, Åke Bengtsson and Bertil Sanell. The intention was then to create a competition organization for the already planned race track, Scandinavian Raceway.

When the track was completed in April 1968, the body of ARC's currently internationally recognized race organization was already in place. Trained in England on, among other places, the Brands Hatch racetrack by RAC's Chief Marshal Monty Terrel. A training that continued and was honed for the task of managing Sweden's first Formula 1 Grand Prix 1973.

From the beginning of 1966, the about one hundred club members grew to around 700 during the 1970s "boom" for races in Anderstorp, with six World Championships in Formula One and Seven World Championship Road Racing events for motorcycles.

Since then, the ARC organization has been responsible for organising more than 40 major international championship races in World Championships, European Championships and other world-wide series. Today the club has about 300 members.

Recently, ARC is increasingly engaged in assignments outside Scandinavian Raceway. On other Swedish circuits, but also abroad. In 2000, for example, the Oslo Grand Prix was organised with ARC's race management, security and track marshals as the main force. In 1997, the ARC organisation would have been responsible for the running of Russia's first major international car race - the Moscow Grand Prix with GT sports cars as its main series. A contest that, for various reasons, has not yet come to fruition.

From the beginning, Scandinavian Raceway was run by the company, A-ringen AB. During the majority of the 1980s and 1990s, the operational responsibility was entirely on ARC.

Increased economic demands on the business, however, made it even more difficult to drive the circuit on a non-profit basis and in 1997 the operations was transferred  to Scandinavian Competition Services AB, a company formed for this purpose by four ARC members.

ARC's role was thus reorganised to again plan and run only the racing operations on Scandinavian Raceway.

Organisation, members of the ARC's board and committees as well as contact persons for different areas of activities, can be found under Organisation.

This year's competition program and other activities are available on their website www.arc.nu