Anderstorp Airfield ESMP

Anderstorp Airfield is a private airfield that enables our guests and the users of the racetrack to arrive and land with airplane or helicopter. When possible, we also accept other landing requests from general visitors to the local business or area. Due to the fact that the landing strip is an integrated part of the racing circuit, it is only possible to land when there is no other planned activities on the circuit. Therefore it is a prerequisit to request a permit before landing, PPR.

Before you request a PPR, check NOTAM  


PPR: Johan at mail, airport(a) or +4670/6498506 

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Airfield data:

Airfield indikator ESMP

Elevation: 507ft/155m

Radio frequency: 123.200

The runway is 1000 meters long and 20 meters wide. Runway directions are 04/22. The paved area is 30 meters wide but only the westernmost 20 meters is used as runway. The remaining 10 meters are part of the obstacle clearance zone. Centerline marks center of usable runway..

Park at designated location at Taxiway A.

Avoid overflight below 1500 ft GND except during Take off and Landing.

Only daytime flying. The track has no landing lights.
Normally no snow removal. Exceptions may be made by agreement.

Rescue CAT 2 can be offered for commercial traffic with 24h PN.







The Helipad is located southeast of threshold 04. The Helipad is only open to HEMS and SAR. Other Helicopters land on runway. PPR applies.

The Helipad is illuminated and can be used both day and night.

Rescue CAT 2 can be offered for HEMS or Air Ambulance with 24h PN.

The Helipad är 16x16 meters. Max D=16m applies for Helicopter. Approach and climb directions is primarily for 04/22 and secondly 01/19.